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Rana Fashion

Rana Fashion

"Rana Legend" was founded in 2001, Amin Rana boss father's generation Pakistanis from India;. "Lana" the family surname originated in India, is the Kshatriya caste class, is a warrior class ; "Legends Rana" is a Muslim writer Amin's wife Ya Selan, in order to record the story of the family taken in the name of Taiwan.

Like many brands, "the legendary Rana" also has some of their own entrepreneurial journey; youth Amin, and was still a junior teacher, carrying a small suitcase to run from the police being founded, and later Internet auction started by name, and then open boutiques in India, Indian Restaurant, ten years, with the couple's love for Indian culture, step by step, Taiwan, India has a lot of achievements wind circle little world.

Product types, including major brands in India clothing, cashmere shawls, Indian saris, Indian style furniture, Indian incense, and even hand-dyed natural cotton is ..... everything; due mostly direct origin of goods, not only full featured, it is inexpensive, and there is a writer wife, ready to record stores and interact with guests feel drip on face book, but also to the legendary Rana tremendous and cultural characteristics, not just a commodity sold in India storefront.

As long as you are a fan of folk style, as long as you have love for India, then you must not miss, "Rana legendary" Indian wind of this story clothing store Oh.

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