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"TAJ Indian Restaurant"

By Rana from Pakistan • Amin, his wife Ya Selan Muslim writers, the Indian cuisine together to create heaven and earth, all chosen by the chef hired from India; due Hindu Indian chefs do not eat beef, and believe in Islam operators with some Muslims do not eat pork cooks, therefore, as with most restaurants in India, TAJ Indian Restaurant offers only chickens, sheep, three seafood staple, and all kinds of traditional Indian vegetarian dishes.

In addition to authentic Indian specialties outside, TAJ Indian Restaurant also through one of the few restaurants in Taiwan "Halal Certification", and all meals for Muslims are Halal (lawful), and because the operators strongly humanistic character, TAJ often held and sponsors a variety of arts-related seminars for TAJ Indian restaurant in addition to curry fragrant, but also often drift strong scholarly and spiritual banquet fragrance.

TAJ Indian Restaurant themes intense, distinctive, India is a good place for business people, when Muslim groups to Taiwan, seeking a taste of home.